Our Practice areas are diverse, assisting our clients with various legal issues with strategic approach.

Alternative dispute resolution has expanded over the last several years and has become an important step in the dispute resolution process. Giri Law Associates has legal experts who have represented leading companies, contractors, partnerships as well as individuals in settling disputes through arbitration, tribunals setup by state legislature as well

The legal teams boasts of extensive practice related to business and finance in an array of industries. The experience encompasses matters of contracts, labor, SRFAESI, debt, consumer, land disputes, constitutional, tax, etc. SERVICES INCLUDED Sugar industry Liquor & distillery Telecommunications Construction & Infrastructure Insurance Automobiles Consumer products Electricity SRFAESI Act

The High Court of Judicature at Patna does not have original jurisdiction of civil law and hence the issues governing civil laws originate in the civil courts. The disputes which are subject matter of original jurisdiction mostly relates to filing of suits which are in nature of monetary suits, suits

The team has exhibited great proficiency in all aspects of contract law representing clients in a variety of industries such as petroleum, construction & building, telecommunication, railways, electricity, mining, consumer companies, sugar industry, distilleries etc. The diverse matters that the team has regularly advised on includes: Lease Licenses Dealership Trade

The legal experts of the firm have experience in handling constitutional matters representing both individuals as well as industries in protection of their constitutional rights and have successfully assisted the courts in adjudicating matters relating to the interpretation of the constitution in diverse topics: Writ jurisdiction of the High CourtFundamental

Giri Law Associates provides expert advice and handles litigation relating to disputes under Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and monopolies. The firm possesses requisite expertise in making representation before District Consumer Forum, State Consumer Forum and National Consumer Forum. The legal team of the firm effectively works for settlement of the

The legal team has an in-depth knowledge of the various dimensions of criminal law. They have vast experience in representing clients in all types of cases before various judicial forums. We also have our network of criminal lawyers around the country. We cater to the needs of our clients in

Education institutions today face a challenging and frequently changing array of national, state, and local laws and regulations in jurisdictions around the country. Giri Law Associates is a premier law firm with a full-spectrum Education practice. The practice spans the education pipeline from elementary and secondary education through higher education

Led by the leading senior lawyer in Bihar and Jharkhand, Mr. Yadu Vash Giri, Giri Law Associates is the best firm in the region in political law practices and is a formidable force in the political arena. Mr. Giri has litigated some of the most important election law cases of

We, at Giri Law Associates, provide assistance and comprehensive advice on Indirect Taxes including: Customs DutyExcise DutySales TaxValue Added Tax AutomobilesEntry TaxService Tax Octroi Duty We advise our clients in matters of taxation laws and add value to their business and transactions. Our tax attorneys and have a great deal

The recurring issues arising out of Municipal & Cooperative Societies Law are in relation to the election and governing of these bodies. The matters of interpretation of law vis-à-vis the constitutional framework are also subject matter of disputes. Such matters are efficiently dealt with by the legal team of the

In India and especially in Bihar and Jharkhand, property law is one of the most contentious issues and regularly effects the lives of common law abiding people as well. Our legal team has an established record of handling disparate matters relating to property law. They have advised clients on a

Giri Law Associates is noteworthy for its breadth and depth in the field of Service Law. Our attorneys have successfully dealt with a multitude of issues in Service Jurisprudence and provided relief to numerous individuals over the years. Some of issues are highlighted below: Appointment/ recruitmentReinstatement / Back-wages / arrearsSuspension

The legal team has regularly represented clients on various issues before the statutory tribunals as well as other quasi-judicial and administrative authorities for matters such as excise, work contracts, debt and finance, election etc. Some of the represented forums include: Work contract tribunalLand dispute tribunalsBoard of revenueeExcise commissionExcise commission sugarcaneElection