The High Court of Judicature at Patna does not have original jurisdiction of civil law and hence the issues governing civil laws originate in the civil courts. The disputes which are subject matter of original jurisdiction mostly relates to filing of suits which are in nature of monetary suits, suits for specific performance of an agreement, suits for compensation, suits for declaration right and title over a property etc.

The suitors have been provided the remedy of first appeal under the civil law and also second appeal, which is agitated in the High Court. Further provisions of reviews and revisions have also been provided to the aggrieved persons. The law in relation to the scope of entertaining of suits differs to that of the scope of the power of the High Court in appeal, review and revision. The firm has abundant knowledge of the nuances of the civil law and has satisfactorily represented the parties in civil matters such as:

  • Suits
  • Appeals
  • Reviews
  • Revisions
  • Second Appeals