The team has exhibited great proficiency in all aspects of contract law representing clients in a variety of industries such as petroleum, construction & building, telecommunication, railways, electricity, mining, consumer companies, sugar industry, distilleries etc. The diverse matters that the team has regularly advised on includes:

  • Lease
  • Licenses
  • Dealership
  • Trade & Commerce
  • Work contracts
  • Government grants & largesse
  • Specific reliefs
  • Construction & Infrastructure contracts

We provide our clients assistance in drafting and vetting of an array of agreements and commercial contracts. We have significant experience of drafting, vetting and negotiating sector-specific agreements and ‘standard procedure’ documents for diverse industries.

We draft agreements such as joint venture agreements, shareholders agreement, share purchase agreement, subcontractor agreement, outsourcing agreements, business transfer agreement, equipment purchase and leasing agreements, system installation agreements, consultancy agreement and termination agreement, Employment related Contracts, and Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreements for companies. We also draft transactional agreements such as agreement to sell, sale deeds, lease deeds, mortgage deeds, rent agreement, etc. For our clients in the IT Sector, we draft software licensing agreements, software maintenance contracts, mass market licenses, assignment agreements in respect of assignment of trademarks, patents, designs, etc.