Led by the leading senior lawyer in Bihar and Jharkhand, Mr. Yadu Vash Giri, Giri Law Associates is the best firm in the region in political law practices and is a formidable force in the political arena. Mr. Giri has litigated some of the most important election law cases of the last twenty-five years. We provide prompt, practical advice on short notice. Individually and as a team we can consistently be counted on to deliver accurate and practical legal advice, even in the most time-sensitive situations, which makes us an indispensable partner. Election disputes such as acceptance and rejection of nominations, preparation of voters’ lists, the conduct of elections and the results there of all raise substantial and complex issues.

The legal team has extensive expertise in resolving such conundrums in various courts for elections of:

  • Cooperative society
  • Gram panchayats
  • Zila parishad
  • Municipal Corporation
  • State Assembly
  • Parliament
  • Representation of peoples Act